National Teacher’s Day, Thank You My Teacher!

Every November 25, Indonesia commemorates National Teachers' Day. Teachers have a very important role in our lives. Apart from our parents, they equip us with knowledge, educate us, provide patience, and their role models.

Watch the following video to see our thank you and gratitude for our beloved teachers ⇒


History of National Teacher's Day

The commemoration of National Teacher’s Day marked the birth of the Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI-Persatuan Guru Republik Indonesia) on November 25, 1945. Through the official PGRI website, the PGRI organization originated from the Dutch Indies Teachers Association (PGHB - Persatuan Guru Hindia Belanda) which has been established since 1912. PGHB is an organization, and is a form of the struggle of indigenous teachers in the Dutch era. This organization aims to encourage indigenous teachers to fight for equal rights and positions with the Dutch.

Then, in 1932, PGHB changed to the Indonesian Teachers Association (PGI - Persatuan Guru Indonesia). During the Japanese occupation era, PGI was prohibited from carrying out various activities because all types of organizations were prohibited at that time. After Indonesia's independence in 1945, the Indonesian Teachers' Congress was held on 24-25 November 1945 in Surakarta. In the congress, the PGRI organization was formed to accommodate all teachers in Indonesia. Decades later, the Indonesian government also issued Presidential Decree No. 78/1994. This Presidential Decree established the establishment of PGRI as well National Teacher's Day as a form of respect for teachers.

For the celebration and tradition of teachers' day, of course every school has a tradition to commemorate it. As is usually done by IPEKA Christian Schools, Student Organizations or (OSIS) from various locations IPEKA Christian Schools prepare events for teachers, in the event they offer various praises, give chocolates, cards self-made greeting, or flowers to teachers.

In 2020,teaching and learning activities are like never before. Because, it must be implemented virtually. Schools cannot hold celebrations offsite, nor can IPEKA Christian Schools. Even so, IPEKA Christian School, from its leaders, employees, to students, presents a collaborative video dedicated to its beloved teachers. 

Happy National Teacher's Day!

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