Teaching Children to Use Technology Wisely

Since the dawn of the internet age, technology has gradually been integrated into our daily lives. There is no denying that technology has now taken the center stage in our lives, especially now that smart mobile devices have become more accessible to everyone. If there is a demographic more prevalent to its influence than others, it would be our children. Therefore, it falls into our responsibility to educate them about technology and how to use it wisely for their education.

In this article, we’ll be discussing how to properly educate your children on using technology wisely, and how we as guardians can facilitate a safer interactive experience with technology and our children.

Little girl holding a tablet

Safety Settings

Most modern smart devices have built-in parental supervision settings that guardians can configure. These settings allow parents to limit access to specific features on devices that will be used by children. For example, as parents, you may want to limit access to the internet browser, applications store and other media services that can potentially introduce inappropriate content for children.

Social Media Limit

In addition to the parental settings, you also want to moderate your children’s social media channels. Social media contains content that can be inappropriate for children under age and should be filtered and used moderately. You can do so by configuring the settings if available or just limit their access to their devices completely with the exception of certain hours.

Internet safety

Parents should always be aware that cyberbullying is a constant threat with technology. Things such as identity theft, online malware, and other malicious programs can be harmful for children. Therefore, it’s imperative that we educate children on the importance of staying safe when using technology.

Young girl taking a selfie with her phone

Encourage positive use of technology

Technology can be a powerful tool to establish a positive behavior in children. For example, there are applications out there that provide mental exercises for children to help expand their critical thinking, problem-solving and math skills. You can also encourage them to stay in touch with distant relatives or family members through technology.

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