Compulsory Online lecture Teenage Global Thinking Program with Prof. Drs. Yudha Thianto, MTS., Ph. D Professor of Theology – Trinity Christian College, USA 

Teenage Global Thinking Program - The Transformed into the Transformer

Aiming to teach and equip students with the insight of faith in Christ, IPEKA Christian School held a webinar Compulsory Online lecture for grade 10-12 students in all IPEKA Christian School locations. The webinar which was held was a form of collaboration between IPEKA Christian School and Trinity Christian College, USA.

Webinars Teenage Global Thinking Program - The Transformed into the Transformer, presenting Prof. Drs. Yudha Thianto, MTS., Ph. D Professor of Theology - Trinity Christian College, USA as a speaker. 

In this online lecture, Prof. Yudha delivers insight on how we as children of God impact the world. He further explained when we experience metamorphosis or changes in God, there is a total change that is completely different from the previous life. We, who previously lived in sin, displeased God, are now turning into children of light.

If we are  in Christ and experience change, we will change from the root, that is, from our thoughts. From thoughts to speech, from thoughts to deeds, from thoughts to behavior. In Christ we have been transformed, so that the way of thinking, acting, interacting, using time, using the facilities we have is changed because we have met Christ.

Furthermore, Prof. Yudha invites students in grade 12 to sincerely understand the principle of "we who already transformed to think as Christ thought, how to bring change in this world, to bring change to people around us, in all aspects and behavior." He gave practical examples of how students can make a difference, one of them  is through the gadgets they have. 

In closing, Prof. Yudha said that "our task is to become transformers, from God to other people around us. This is where we are called to be a blessing to others. Because we have experienced transformation, we can help others to experience change too, witness the love of Christ, witness and experience God's power in their lives."

We hope what has been shared by Prof. Yudha through this webinar, can help IPEKA Christian School students understand God's word more and more faithfully in following God. 

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