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The idea of establishing IPEKA Counseling Center (ICC); initially called IPEKA Counseling and Training Center; started from the awareness of the increasing number of psychological and spiritual problems faced by the congregation, parents and students that could not be accommodated by the church and school. Therefore, IPEKA Foundation gave its support by providing a place for this ministry. However, the management is separated from the church and IPEKA School. The goal is to ensure that the IPEKA Counseling and Training Center can provide service to general public.

IPEKA Counseling & Training Center was finally made official on August 30th, 1996 with the support and hard work of Ms. Lois Koerniawati, MRE, as the Head Coordinator of IPEKA Christian School and Mr. Drs. Heman Elia, M.Si, as the Director of IPEKA Counseling & Training Center at that time. They became the motor of the whole activities of IPEKA Counseling & Training Center that initially focused on individual, family and education problems.

During its development, IPEKA Counseling & Training Center has broadened the scope of its service to other industries and companies as well. However, as time went by, since 2006, to ensure the quality of service at IPEKA Counseling & Training Center, therefore, the focus of its service was sharpened. It will only deal with individual, children, family and education matters. The name of IPEKA Counseling & Training Center was then modified to IPEKA Counseling Center (ICC).

The philosophy practiced in every service of IPEKA Counseling Center (ICC) is the philosophy of Christian counseling. Therefore, the worldview is based on Christian faith.

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