Christian School


Following the growth of IPEKA Christian School, IPEKA TOMANG II Christian School was founded in the Green Ville Block D Housing Complex for junior high school level in 1984, and then for senior high school level in 1989. This early development spurred the establishment of IPEKA Christian Schools in different locations.

Through faith internalization, IPEKA TOMANG II Christian School shape the students’ character and educate students consistently and sustainably so that they will have Christ-like characters. Along with the progress of the times, the need for technology experts and quality workers for small and medium level business keeps increasing. Therefore, we prepare our students to master life skills and other new skills. They are equipped with skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration, and creativity or invention which is critically needed to face global competition.

IPEKA TOMANG II Christian School educate students with problem-based collaborative learning focusing on students’ need and aiming at producing life-long learners who can think analytically and collaboratively to deal with rapid development of technology. They are inspired to be relevant to their life, creative, innovative, and globally-minded, and skillful in managing their emotion. They are also expected to give positive contribution to their nation and state, Indonesia. In consequence, they will become religious citizen who has highly competitive and quality skills.

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Through faith internalization, IPEKA TOMANG II Christian School shape students’ character, educate students consistently and sustainably, and foster Christ-like characters in our students.

School Life

Extracurricular activities

IPEKA TOMANG II Christian School aim at exploring and flourishing students’ talents by providing extracurricular activities consisting of several areas of interests, namely for academic areas : science and math club; art areas: theater, choir, orchestra, violin, guitar; sport areas : basketball, futsal, badminton, etc.

Teater Tomang (TETO)

This theater group is managed and trained in such a professional way that once they were invited to perform in Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM) and other masterpiece art events. Apart from theater, the orchestra and choir of IPEKA Tomang II are also fully-fledged.


It becomes a prestigious event and medium to develop students’ sport and art potentials which is held regularly by IPEKA TOMANG Christian Junior High School and Senior High School. This activity represents the channel to sharpen students’ skills and characters so that their leadership spirit, collaborative, creative, innovative, and analytical skills as well as their relevance and integrity will grow. This event is studded with various sport competition, art and music performance