Christian School


IPEKA PLUIT Christian School is here to answer the needs of Christian education in Jakarta, especially North Jakarta. Established in 1984, IPEKA PLUIT Christian School carry out the mandate of Christian education based on the Holy Scripture in Deuteronomy 6:7 and 2 Timothy 3 : 15-17. We educate our students holistically, not only do we equip them with science and knowledge, we also educate them in faith and characters. We are preparing resilient generation to face the challenges of 21st century, who are skillful in technology and fluent in English and Mandarin which are highly needed in the future, but still keep their integrity intact.

Early child education and primary education is the foundation of a child’s growth. Values internalization and characters building begin from the moment the students study in IPEKA PLUIT Christian Kindergarten and IPEKA PLUIT Primary School. “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge” (Proverb 1 : 7) serves as the foundation to implement their whole learning activities and characters building. Interesting and creative learning methods will result in independent, self-confident and sociable students.

Meanwhile in the level of junior high school and senior high school, in order to prepare students to enter the 21st Century, we gear the students up to be the next generation who are skillful in technology by applying IT-based learning using Google Classroom. Through this method of learning, the students are taught to have the abilities to manage and use technology appropriately in order for them to keep pace with the development of the era and also to survive the fierce competition in the 21st century.

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IPEKA PLUIT Christian School carry out the mandate of Christian education in line with Deuteronomy 6:7 and 2 Timothy 3 : 15-17. We educate our students holistically. We are not only equip our students with science and knowledge, but also teach them in faith and character.

School Life


ALIGHT stands for ART & LITERATURE GRAND HOME TOWN. This event conceptualizes IPEKA PLUIT as the hometown of Art and Literature, where talents of students in both areas are developed through competitions and it ends with a final art performance. ALIGHT involves the students from the level of kindergarten, primary school, junior high school and senior high school. All students are invited to feel a hometown situation combined with the atmosphere of family, friendship and togetherness. Through ALIGHT, which means “shining brightly” , the students are not only encouraged to show their abilities, but also to realize that their talents are given by God and belong to God, in that way they can further develop them for the glory of the LORD and as blessings for others.


PRIME is a collaborative event involving all students in IPEKA Pluit Christian High School. In this event, the tenth graders open stalls of food bazaar. The food sold is the product of their Food Technology and Entrepreneurship class. This event is mainly organized by the eleventh graders. The twelfth graders, on the other hand, hold a 3 on 3 basketball competition by inviting participants from other schools. By working together in this collaborative event, the students are taught to have responsibility and care for each other. They learn to do their assigned roles in an efficient and effective way to make all activities run smoothly.

Basic Leadership Training

A great leader is a leader who has such humility to be continually moulded. In accordance with the principle before, we conduct Basic Leadership Training for students of junior high school and senior high school to train students to be leaders who have leadership but still keep the “Heart of Leadership”,. We intend to forge the students to become leaders who are continually purified by Christ. Through this training, they are continually coached to realize how they can shape, support, and accept each other as a big family. They are also formed to be leaders who possess discipline, honesty and integrity, and especially to be incredible God’s servants.