Christian School


IPEKA SUNTER I implements the use of creative and interesting learning methods suitable for each level. We adopt the National Curriculum and are A accredited (excellent) as well.

In the Nursery and Kindergarten level, we instill Christian faith, build character and introduce the students to God. This faith-based education is implemented in the learning process through the use of Play Based Learning curriculum. Through learning by playing, students are encouraged to develop their talents through various simple and interesting motoric as well as academic activities.

In the elementary level, we hope that every student is able to grow hollistically in terms of academic, spiritual and life skills aspects. Hence, we encourage students to develop their knowledge and skills; to possess Christlike characters; to be able to solve problems, think critically, be creative, innovative and be technologically proficient with God's wisdom as the foundation. During the education process, parents' and church's involvements are also vital. We, as the parents' partner, always prioritize a great relationship and smooth communication with them. In addition, we collaborate with the church, specifically with GKY, in our endeavor to instill Christian faith.

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IPEKA SUNTER I Christian school educates students holllistically. Every student is provided with academic capabilities as well as Christian values so that they grow up to be an individual with Christlike character who loves God and others. (Deuteronomy 6:5, 7; 2 Timothy 3:15-17).

School Life

Students' Performance

Students' Performance is the summit of the event after students complete their study in the kindergarten. Hence, it is always held at the end of an academic year. Students' Performance is conducted annually and is a medium for students to express their gifts and talents. This event also offers opportunities for students to enhance their courage to perform in public, learn how to cooperate, respect each other, as well as developing patience and compassion. Other aspects such as religious values, motorics, cognitive, social-emotional, language and arts will also grow and flourish.

Class Performance

Class performance provides grade 1, 3 and 5 students opportunities to showcase the fruits of their learning to their parents. Through this event, every student learns and is encouraged to develop their potential and talent they received from God.

Parents, on the other hand, can enjoy and appreciate the students' performance in various aspects, such as English and Mandarin language, sports, and music, which are displayed through a range of performance including poetry, speech, drama, pianica performance, solo singing, and many more. Additionally, we also organize a students' art exhibition, showing their drawings and other art pieces. Hence, each student has the opportunity to showcase themselves either individually or in groups.