IPEKA BSD Christian School


IPEKA BSD Christian School focuses on a whole child’s development from Kindergarten to Senior High levels in light of God’s Word. Students learn from the early-stage that ‘the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.’ (Proverbs 1:7).

Kindergarten is a place to nurture children and their skills and abilities while preparing for their journey of education. Our early education includes Nursery, Kindergarten 1, and Kindergarten 2 levels. Our curriculum offers a bilingual and play-based learning approach that encourages inquiry and exploration.

Elementary (K-6) offers a full spectrum of curricular and extracurricular programs in an English speaking environment. Field trips, special projects, and students’ exhibitions supplement classrooms and extracurricular activities.
Junior High provides students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be effective participants in the 21st-century. Students are offered a wide selection of extracurricular activities to explore their interests and strengthen their talents.

Senior High offers a broad program to prepare students for college and to become lifelong learners. Teaching methods incorporate presentations, discussions, guided research, and exhibition, overseas study trips, and an internship program at respected institutions.

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IPEKA BSD becomes The First Google for Education Reference school in Indonesia awarded by Google Asia Pacific.

The Google for Education Reference School is an international recognition given to schools that are using Google for education tools in creative, innovative, and exemplary ways, and for the use of technology in classrooms to positively impact the education of students and their learning process.

Learning Program
IPEKA Christian School: IPEKA Plus BSD Learning Program, Hands-On and Outdoor Learning Discovery

Hands-on & Outdoor Learning Discovery

IPEKA BSD offers hands-on learning opportunities to encourage students to discover new experiences in outdoor learning sites, build awareness and practical understanding of environmental issues, and learn to become faithful stewards of the environment God has created. IPEKA BSD’s unique outdoor learning features include:

  • Renewable energy & energy conservation site,
  • Water conservation & sewage treatment plant,
  • Agri-science site, including hydroponics area, chicken house, and fish pond,
  • Weather measurement facilities, and
  • Recycle & composting site.
IPEKA Christian School: IPEKA Plus BSD Learning Program, Arts and Music Curriculum

Arts & Music Curriculum

Art and music teachers have dedicated space and weekly instructions for all grades. Starting in the 2021/2022 academic year, we have upgraded our music program where by students from Junior High level will have a weekly period during the day for strings and chorus instructions.

IPEKA Christian School: IPEKA Plus BSD Learning Program, Students Exchange and Overseas Study Trip

Students Exchange & Overseas Study Trip

We are global citizens! IPEKA BSD partners with overseas Christian schools to offer student exchange programs and overseas activities which provide our students with the cultural experience and skills required to become a global citizen. Guided by a Christian worldview and Godly character – our students are equipped and encouraged to become a blessing to the wider community.

IPEKA Christian School: IPEKA Plus BSD Learning Program, Spiritual and Character Formation

Spiritual & Character Formation

Guided by IPEKA Christian Education (ICE) Curriculum, an integrated curriculum that develops students’ academic competence, spiritual development, and Godly character building, IPEKA BSD nurtures every child’s spiritual growth.

All students are required to participate in chapel services, morning devotions, small group Bible Studies, retreats, and revival services. Students at Junior and Senior High with musical and spiritual gifts are invited to participate in chapel ministries to lead the student body in music and songs of praise during chapel services. Students from Kindergarten to Senior High are also involved in church ministry programs – giving back their vocal and musical talents for God’s glory. All programs are guided by dedicated teachers and the School’s Chaplain.