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The progress of a nation depends on the quality of its human resources. It is our responsibility to prepare the next generations of this nation by improving its people. The quality of human resources is not merely in terms of ability or academic level, but more importantly is in terms of character and integrity.

IPEKA Christian School as a non-profit organization in the education field also called to develop the nation through preparing the younger generations with the best Christian education.

Praise the Lord, established in 1979, IPEKA Christian School that began with 5 teachers and 100 students have been growing rapidly, and up until now has a number of schools across several cities in Indonesia such as: Jakarta, Tangerang, Bekasi, Palembang, Balikpapan, and Makassar.
Let us together preparing our next generation with the best quality of Christian education.

IPEKA Christian School as a non-profit organization in the education field also called to develop the nation through preparing the younger generations with the best Christian education.

Gray Cross

IPEKA Christian School was originated from a deep concern of a pastor who witnessed the difficulty of many Christian families in finding a good Christian school for their children.

Rev. DR. William Hodaviah Hosana who was at that time the head pastor of Gereja Kristus Jemaat Mangga Besar (now Gereja Kristus Yesus or GKY) was very concerned about this matter and later God opened a vision to start a Christian school.


There are three goals of this vision:

to provide a high quality Christian school

to execute the Great Commandment from Jesus through education,

to give contribution for Indonesia by educating the nation.

Later this vision was supported by the Church Council of Gereja Kristus Jemaat Mangga Besar and on May 5th, 1978, they established “Yayasan Iman Pengharapan dan Kasih” (Faith Hope and Love Foundation) with the Notary Act #11, by Henk Limanow, a public notary in Jakarta.

Based on this decision, the preparation to build the school was initiated.

Thus on July 16th, 1979, IPEKA Christian School began to operate. Until now, IPEKA has 15 school locations around Jakarta, Tangerang, Bekasi, and outside Java (Palembang, Balikpapan, and Makassar), namely: IPEKA Tomang I, IPEKA Tomang II, IPEKA Pluit, IPEKA Sunter I, IPEKA Sunter II, IPEKA Puri, IPEKA Grand Wisata, IPEKA INTEGRATED Christian School, IPEKA BSD, IPEKA Palembang I, IPEKA Palembang II, IPEKA Balikpapan I, IPEKA Balikpapan II, IPEKA Makassar, and IPEKA CPI.

On August 30th, 1996, with the support and hard work of Ms. Lois Koerniawati, MRE., as the Head Coordinator of IPEKA Christian School and Mr. Drs. Heman Elia, M.Si., as the Director of IPEKA Counseling and Training Center at that time, IPEKA Christian School established IPEKA Counseling Center (formerly known as IPEKA Counseling and Training Center).
It is only by God’s grace that IPEKA Christian School becomes as it is now. Since the very beginning and along the way, God continues to provide His abundant blessings to this school. To Him be the glory forever and ever.

Better Education
in Science and Truth
To educate students holistically based on Christian values
To be an excellent Christian educational institution which declares Christ as the source of all wisdom and knowledge
Core Values
for all individuals

IPEKA graduates are expected to:

Know God as the Only Creator, Owner, Redeemer and Sustainer

Know God as the ultimate source of wisdom,knowledge and the highest moral standard.

Develop their God-given intellect and talents in order to fulfill God’s calling in their lives.

Apply Christian character and worldview in all academic learning and in their daily lives

Have capabilities in problem solving and critical thinking with the capacity for creativity and innovation while utilizing technology according to God’s wisdom.

Able to communicate and effectively collaborate as a member of the global community, producing a positive impact.

Gray Cross

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