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IPEKA Christian School realizes the crucial need for quality schools, especially in Central and Eastern Indonesia. Responding to this need, IPEKA demonstrated its firmness of purpose by establishing IPEKA CPI as it takes part in the advancement of education in Indonesia. With its establishment, IPEKA CPI will now provide a preeminent option amongst Christian schools in the city of Makassar.

IPEKA CPI prepares the younger generation to develop Christ-like character and excellent academic skills, including the following: leadership, creativity, innovation, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

IPEKA CPI also offers a comprehensive national hybrid curriculum, a mixed curriculum between National and Pearson Edexcel Curriculum, integrated with Christian Worldview as the foundation in all aspects, to continuously develop reasoning, communication, and digital skills from K-12. 

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IPEKA CPI provides a safe and healthy learning environment so that students will be able to interact with each other and learn from each other.

Learning Program

IPEKA Christian Education (ICE) Curriculum

IPEKA Christian School is widely known for its ICE Curriculum which focuses on education based on God’s Word. IPEKA CPI is no different in its approach to learning and is fully committed to promoting the Christian Worldview amongst its teachers, staff, and students.

The ICE Curriculum is built on the foundation of the Bible. Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Consummation (CFRC) are the basis for the philosophy of Christian education to be carried out. These four pillars form the Christian perspective and become a metanarrative according to biblical truth. IPEKA is committed to integrate the Christian worldview into all aspects of education.

Moreover, IPEKA CPI raises standards as it endeavors to offer learning at an international level, enriching its curriculum with learning material that adheres to standards used around the world.

iLead - Five Pillars of Excellence

IPEKA CPI Christian School features an enriched curriculum featuring five pillars of excellence guided by international learning standards. These flagship pillars, aptly named, iLEAD, focus on Internal Growth, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Language Acquisition, and Digital Literacy.

Language mastery programs set within the program enable students to master English and Mandarin based on international standards. Combining these two with Indonesian, students will be more than ready to communicate well in a globalized environment.

Through the iLEAD program, students are expected to become IPEKA graduates who will be able to be faithful in God, have a well-balanced life, be creative, innovative, communicative, analytical, collaborative, and become globally aware citizens.

Technology-Based Learning

IPEKA CPI prepares the students for the future by utilizing various forms of technology in learning such as Google for Education and Chromebooks. Learning resources such as books and other reference materials are expected to be digital and accessed over the internet.


International Extra Curricular Activities (iECA)

Here at IPEKA CPI, the learning never stops. We believe that learning should not just stop in the classroom and should even go beyond the subjects that students usually take up. Based on the interests of the students and the iLEAD framework, IPEKA CPI provides a host of clubs and opportunities to enrich and further strengthen the learning experiences of the students, such as Manga, Culinary Arts, Robotics, Ballet, Media Arts, Performing Arts, Sports, etc.

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