The COVID-19 pandemic has forced students to do distance learning. However, this condition is not a barrier for students to excel and hone their skills. To face this challenge, IPEKA Tomang Christian School organized a series of events that combined educational elements with the concept of Design Thinking and had the theme “DAUNTLESS”.

The theme “DAUNTLESS” means showing courage, determination, and clear goals. Where the younger generation at this time must dare to make decisions to be able to achieve their dreams. Design Thinking means the process of understanding users, challenging assumptions, and redefining problems in an effort to identify alternative strategies and solutions that may not be immediately apparent with our initial level of understanding.

IPEKA GAMES in 2021 there are 12 types of competitions with a total of 411 participants from 84 schools throughout Indonesia. It is hoped that this event can raise the spirit, creativity, and critical and innovative thinking skills of the younger generation so that they can contribute to the country.

“Endless Dauntless” is the highlight of the award ceremony for outstanding participants in this event. Guided by Christabella and Brian Winstonly and enlivened by the appearance of Leonardo Edwin & Joaquine Bernessa.

Also read the news about IPEKA GAMES 2021 - DAUNTLESS at:
1. https://www.kompas.tv/article/232359/84-school-ikuti-ipeka-games-2021-dauntless-ada-dari-mancanegara
2. https://www.sonora.id/read/422991217/makna-terhid-dibalik-design-thinking-ipeka-games-2021-dauntless

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