Korean Cultural Exchange With Handong International School, South Korea

In this pandemic era, with all the limitations of learning media and an atmosphere that does not support the interaction between students and friends as well as between students and teachers, especially for elementary school levels, IPEKA Christian School wants to provide learning that can open students’ insights to the wider world but remain in the corridor Christian Worldview. In addition, we want students to be grateful regardless of their current conditions because the impact of this pandemic is also being felt by others, for this reason IPEKA Plus BSD Christian School held a Student Cultural Exchange program in collaboration with Handong International School, South Korea. Through this program they also know that their friends are also affected by the pandemic, with the cultural exchange program between Indonesia and South Korea it will be a gateway to open students’ insights to the magnitude of God’s creation and to instill a love of Indonesian culture and respect for culture. from another country.

The Indonesian and Korean Cultural Exchange raises the uniqueness of traditional culture from South Korea and Indonesia. IPEKA BSD SDK students were very enthusiastic when invited to listen to several cultures from South Korea ranging from traditional food to the very famous South Korean soccer players. Then IPEKA BSD SDK students were invited to make HanBok (traditional South Korean costumes) made of origami paper. They were asked to follow the stages of paper folding until they finally became a pair of HanBok costumes. Students from Handong International School were also invited to listen to presentations from IPEKA BSD SDK students on traditional food, traditional games to traditional clothes from Java, Bali and Papua. After that, Handong International School students were invited to make batik using paper and colored pencils.

Through this activity students of SDK IPEKA BSD as well as from Handong International School are very interested in meeting at other opportunities and if possible the students also want to visit each other in the future.

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