Praise The Lord, IPEKA Christian School Students Passed the SNMPTN 2021 Selection

Praise the Lord, congratulations to all seventeen IPEKA Christian School's students who passed the SNMPTN 2021 selection. 

The following is a sharing from Theresia Aurelia from  IPEKA TOMANG  and Ignacio Sandiko from IPEKA PLUIT when receiving the results of the announcement.

"When I was about to open the results of the announcement, I was very excited. Thanks to my gratitude when I tried to log in, I could immediately enter. When I read the announcement, at first I still did not believe that I was accepted because my rival was one Indonesia. After I saw the announcement that I was accepted, I felt very happy. I immediately told my family and we are very grateful because God has answered our prayers. And in the end, my struggles during my study at IPEKA also yielded good results and I can make my parents proud. "

 - Theresia Aurelia

" So I really didn't expect to be able to pass SNMPTN and finally get into ITB. Honestly, I was very happy and surprised when I saw the SNMPTN announcement. I am very grateful to be able to enter one of the best PTNs in Indonesia and I believe that this is a path that has been planned by God in my life. " 

- Ignacio Sandiko

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