Don’t You Have To Be Calm If You Study?

In the learning process, we are often trapped in problems such as lack of concentration, difficulty memorizing, and so on. However, have you ever thought that maybe our learning environment is not suitable for us so that we need a longer time to study? If we study in an appropriate way and environment, we will save more time and energy. So it is with our children.

Parents often ask, how else should I learn? What else needs to be provided so that my child can study well? Or how to perform a good study? And there are many other questions that basically show frustration because of their children's learning problems. We are often caught up in the problem of a good and ideal way of learning. However, we forget that every human being is unique, including the way we learn and the learning needs of our children. The learning environment is an important factor from a series of other factors that affect the learning process.

It is very important for us to identify the right learning environment for our children. Right does not mean the best/ideal one, but right means the one that best suits the child. Why? Because every child has a different reaction to each situation. There are children who can learn optimally if the situation is very calm or other children learn in conditions that require soft music, and so on. If so, what kind of environment is right for our children when they are studying? Start observing our children. We can use environmental choices that our children like to help them concentrate more on learning.

Here are some environments that can help you recognize the uniqueness of each of your children:

  • Sound
    Some children like a quiet environment, some like a busy environment, some like to study accompanied by music. What about our children? What kind of environment can maximize the learning process in him?
    - Calm
    - With friends/others
    - Watching television
    - With music
    - Crowded
  • Temperature
    In general, it seems that the temperature problem is not too much of a problem for many people. However, the air temperature also affects the comfort of children in learning. What about our children?
    - Enjoys learning with an open window
    - Enjoys learning with the windows closed
    - Cold room conditions
    - Cool room conditions
    - Warm room conditions
    - Outdoors (open space)
  • Lighting
    During the study, it is necessary to use enough light. However, everyone has a different level of tolerance in terms of lighting. So it is with our children. Pay attention and try to recognize your child.
    - Light
    - Slightly dim
    - No matter the type of light
    - There is light from the window
    - Light from the sun (study in the open)
  • Body Position
    A sense of comfort is also created by the position of the child's body while studying. No need for a formal position in learning, even in an informal position, children can learn optimally. It is important to know the comfortable position for each child. What about our children?
    - Sit on a chair and face the study table
    - Sit back on the floor, mat, carpet
    - Sitting on the sofa
  • Study Time
    Some children have a study time that is more convenient for them. It should also be noted the times when the child is able to show maximum concentration.
    - Early morning
    - After nap
    - After the afternoon shower
    - Evening
  • Interaction
    Some children are happy with the conditions of learning alone but other children can be different. What about our children?
    - Alone without other people
    - With other people doing other things
    - With other people
    - Accompanied only with food or soft drinks

Source: Excerpted from the book “Cara Mereka Belajar: Bagaimana menemukan dan mengajarkan kelebihan-kelebihan anak Anda”, by Cynthia Ulrich Tobias.


What matters is not the best way of learning but how best suits your children. Thus, each child will learn optimally according to their respective characteristics.


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