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Kindergaten 1 Devotional (Vol. 1) – Kindergaten 1 Devotional Book

 Author: IPEKA Spirituality Team  Published: 2023  ISBN: In the submission process  Pages: 117

This devotional book “Kindergarten 1 Devotional”, volume 1, was published by the IPEKA Foundation with the aim that kindergarten children, especially Kindergarten 1 (Kindergarten A) students, can get to know the Lord Jesus Christ from an early age. The book “Kindergarten 1 Devotional”, Volume 1, is part of a series of daily devotional books for early childhood that can help parents and teachers at school introduce the Lord Jesus to them.

“Nursery Devotional” volume 1 contains one hundred and ten devotionals that can be read or told to children. These devotionals are written in a very simple, straightforward language that is easily understood by young children. Thus, parents and teachers can read this devotional to children according to their level of understanding. In addition, because this devotional is written in simple language, K2 children who can read can also learn spiritual discipline by reading God’s Word every day.

It is our hope as the publisher that this book can help parents and preschool teachers begin a guided journey of faith for the children God has entrusted to them. God bless us who faithfully teach the Word of God to our children from an early age.