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Murid Yang Setia – Elementary Small Group Book

 Author: IPEKA Spirituality Team  Published: 2023  ISBN: 978-623-09-4724-7  Pages: 48

The book “Menjadi Murid Yang Setia” is published by IPEKA Foundation as an advanced material for disciplining students in Christian schools. Through this book, students are guided to learn and discuss in groups, 5 to 8 children per group, and led by a Christian teacher.

The book “Menjadi Murid Yang Setia” contains ten topics on how to live as a disciple of the Lord Jesus, written in a simple way to teach students to build their spiritual life through spiritual discipline while learning to apply a lifestyle that imitates the Lord Jesus.

The advantage of this book is that it does not only discuss the Word of God with the discussion method but also invites users to memorize verses of God’s Word and think about what applications can be done by users in their daily lives according to the topics discussed in this book.