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Murid Yang Setia – Elementary Student Small Group Book (Facilitator’s Guide)

 Author: IPEKA Spirituality Team  Published: 2023  ISBN: 978-623-09-4725-4  Pages: 48

The book “Menjadi Murid Yang Setia” for facilitators was published by IPEKA Foundation to serve as a guide for Christian teachers and spiritual mentors who are tasked with leading small groups of learners at the elementary level.

The book provides ten study topics as well as a discussion guide to make it easier for mentors to understand the questions well. The book also provides guided answers in accordance with the truth of God’s Word discussed in each chapter of the book.

This book presents a step-by-step sequence of materials and activities to help mentors prepare to lead group learners. It is hoped that this book will equip mentor teachers to accompany and lead small groups of learners to know and experience Christ more and more in their lives.