Digital Literacy for Parents: The Importance of Technology in Education

In this pandemic period, of course, there are many challenges in implementing Distance Learning. In fact, for those who have returned to school, of course, there will still be obstacles. Based on data from McKinsey & Co, as many as 32% of students feel less prepared academically. Moreover, 75% of students feel emotionally unprepared to take on these challenges on a daily basis, such as assignments, or online classes. Therefore, Google wants to help provide solutions by presenting Google for Education.

Google for Education exists as a technology solution that has the ability to grow with children and helps educators, students, and families communicate, collaborate, and coordinate learning with confidence. Google for Education provides easy-to-use tools and resources to help you stay connected to your child's learning wherever you are, from any device, so everyone can focus on what matters most: helping your child thrive.

Google believes that everyone deserves access to great learning experiences. That's why Google for Education was created, to provide schools and educators with more tools, materials, and training to help transform the teaching and learning process so that each student can realize their full learning potential.

Students can build responsible technology habits using tools that allow families and educators to coordinate teaching and help students stay focused, engaged, and challenged. What are the solutions offered by Google for Education:

  • Chromebook, a teaching tool where every student and teacher can personalize the learning environment.
  • With Google Workspace for Education and Classroom, Google supports a differentiated and interactive learning experience with a suite of tools to make collaboration easier. Google Classroom is an all-in-one place for student teaching and learning activities: collaborative, integrated, safe, easy to use, and safe for learning activities.
  • In addition, we also provide useful educational materials and curricula to improve the quality of classroom content at every step, such as the Digital Skills and Teacher Certification program or level 1 and 2 (Google Certified Educator) educator certifications.

Many schools around the world are confident and believe in the technology provided by Google. Today, Google Classroom has helped more than 150 million students, educators, and school leaders to learn and teach. Google also has tools for all types of teachers and students such as Chromebooks, which to date have more than 40 million devices used globally for education.

However, with such a scale comes enormous responsibility. That's why providing a safer way of learning is the foundation of all Google for Education products and services. Google also continues to innovate and strive to develop products to meet the needs of educators and students around the world.



Here is one video showing that Google for Education has been used by many schools around the world.

How Google for Education supports parents for the development of their child's learning process

When parents are involved in their children's education, children perform better in a variety of actions: their behavior is better, they have greater self-esteem, their attendance is higher, their risk of exclusion is lower, they are more eager to learn, they achieve better results, and the achievement gap between children and youth from different socioeconomic backgrounds is reduced.¹

Parental involvement has a significant positive effect on student achievement, comparable to the impact of acceleration programs or positive teacher-student relationships.

Parents want to be more involved in the learning process, but sometimes this is not easy.²

  • 49% of households consist of both parents who are fully employed.
  • 52% of parents worldwide cite lack of time as one of the barriers to being more involved in their child's education process.
  • 32% of parents worldwide say that lack of information about how they can help their children is a major barrier to their involvement.

To support parents, Google for Education provides solutions that can help parents get involved in the learning process, namely with the support of a technology toolkit for families and guardians of students that:

  • Helping children with homework and facilitating learning from home
  • Supporting children to explore new things
  • Helping children explore the online world safely and confidently

Going forward, given the role that technology plays in education, there are new challenges to solve and new innovations to have. Google is excited about this future, but we're also excited to see the education community continue to inspire students, both in and out of the classroom, and everywhere else.



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