Happy National Teacher’s Day

Teachers are often called unsung heroes. Teachers have a duty to educate their students so that they are called heroes. Educating students, setting an example, and ensuring that they grow into wise men is not an easy task. 

A teacher provides an example and model for students in every aspect of life. Thank you to the teachers who have given examples, knowledge, time, and patience to teach students.


Teacher's Day History

In connection with the commemoration of National Teacher's Day, the role of teachers in the history of the Indonesian nation is very large. In the early stages of the national awakening, teachers were active in youth organizations defending the homeland and fostering the soul and spirit of young students. Quoting kompas.com, the commemoration of Teacher's Day was officially established in 1994 through Presidential Decree No. 78 of 1994 on National Teacher's Day. Because of the importance of the teacher's role, Sartono, the creator of the Guru Hymn, describes it as "a lamp in the dark" and "dew cooling the thirst". Towards the commemoration of the first Teacher's Day, the then Minister of Education and Culture, Wardiman Djojonegoro, said that all achievements in education cannot be separated from a teacher.


2021 National Teacher's Day Theme

This 2021, the theme of National Teacher's Day is “Move with Heart to Restore Education.” This theme illustrates that in the midst of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the struggles of teachers as educators are facing increasingly tough challenges. There have been major changes in the world of education, especially in the implementation of the teaching and learning process. In all limitations, the teachers do not give up, they continue to strive to carry out their noble duties as educators.

May this theme inspire teachers that their presence is very meaningful for the character and future of the younger generation. May the teachers be moved to move forward together to restore education, to move using their hearts, feelings, thoughts, and concrete actions in restoring the educational situation.


Happy National Teacher's Day.

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