Embarking on New Steps: Topping Off IPEKA BSD Christian School Building 3

Praise God, for with His blessings and grace, IPEKA BSD Christian School has reached an important milestone in the development of its infrastructure. On Saturday, March 30, 2024, an important procession was conducted to mark the achievement of the construction of Building 3, which was the topping-off procession which symbolizes the completion of the main structure of the building.

This topping-off procession at IPEKA Christian School BSD is not only a major step in the expansion of the educational facilities we offer but also a manifestation of our commitment to continue providing a conducive and adequate learning environment for our school community. Building 3 is expected to support teaching and learning activities and the development of students' talents in various fields, as well as increase the school's capacity to accept more students who want to get quality education in a Christian-based environment.

The topping-off ceremony was attended by various representatives from the IPEKA Foundation Board of Directors and the leaders and staff of IPEKA BSD Christian School. This important moment was marked by the pressing of a button by the Chairman of IPEKA Foundation, Mr. Erwin Tenggono, and the President Director of IPEKA, Rev. Handojo, as a symbol of the completion of the main structure of Building 3. This is a concrete step of our commitment to not only build a building but also build a brighter future for our students.

Soli Deo Gloria, all glory be to God!

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