Construction of the IPEKA Center Point of Indonesia Building in Makassar Officially Begins

Hold IPEKA Logo at IPEKA CPI Groundbreaking

Praise and gratitude for God's grace, on April 1, 2022, the IPEKA family joined the IPEKA CPI Groundbreaking Procession Worship in Makassar. The procession was carried out by laying stones and placards by the General Chairperson of the GKY Synod (Gereja Kristus Yesus) Rev. Yohanes Adrie Hartopo, Ph.D., and Rev. Handojo.

The laying of the stone was also carried out by Mr. Yohnny Leonardo as Chairman of the Management Division of the GKY Synod Foundation, Mr. Erwin Tenggono as Chairman of the IPEKA Foundation, Mr. Jos Soedarto as Deputy Chairman II of the IPEKA Foundation, Rev. Budhiono Lie as Shepherd of GKY Makassar, Mr. Jemmy Gautama as Chairman of the Makassar GKY Assembly, and Mr. Kianto Budyanto as Chairman of Facilities & Infrastructure - GKY Synod who attended the procession.

This groundbreaking procession signifies that the IPEKA CPI in Makassar has officially started construction. With the start of this construction, the IPEKA CPI building is estimated to be completed in May 2023.

Group Photo at IPEKA CPI Groundbreaking


In his sermon, Rev. Yohanes Adrie said, “We believe that this place was given by God's grace. Through this development, IPEKA wants to be used by God, even though it is limited, may God take the lead, and with faith, we dedicate IPEKA to God and use this land to bless many people. We are God's instruments. Because we can start with God, we are sure that God will accompany the development process until it is operational. With IPEKA, students are not only educated to have good academics but also have faith in God.”

Congratulations to IPEKA CPI Christian School, May God's name be glorified through this development.


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