Keys to Success in Building a Better Generation with IPEKA

In the journey of educating children to become successful, confident, and empathetic individuals, we are often trapped in a paradigm that only focuses on intellectual achievement. However, at IPEKA Christian School, we believe that the key to success in building a superior generation lies in academic intelligence and the formation of balanced faith, character, and intelligence.

IPEKA: A Symbol of Faith, Hope, and Love

Choosing the right school is one of the most important decisions that will greatly affect a child's growth. At IPEKA, we focus not only on teaching academic knowledge but also on character-building that follows the example of Christ. Through routines such as daily devotional time and corporate worship once a week, we instill the values of faith, hope, and love in the lives of our students.

Family: The First and Primary Foundation

The role of the family in a child's education cannot be underestimated. The family is the first and foremost environment where children learn the values of love, confidence, and warmth. At IPEKA Christian School, we recognize the importance of synergy between school and home in building a strong foundation for a child's growth.

Church: Building a Caring Community

Apart from home and school, the church also plays an important role in enriching children's social and spiritual experiences. Through church activities, children learn to live in a community and understand the importance of morality, empathy, and social responsibility. At IPEKA, we support students' involvement in church activities as part of their character-building.

Excellent generations are not only those who are academically successful but also those who have strength of character and depth of faith. At IPEKA Christian School, we are dedicated to developing all these aspects, so that each of our students is prepared to become future leaders who are not only intelligent but also have a conscience and high integrity.

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