The pandemic situation did not dampen the enthusiasm of IPEKA Grand Wisata teachers and students to keep working. Carrying the spirit of unity on Youth Pledge Day and awareness that the younger generation, especially students, must be strengthened in their language and culture. IPEKA Grand Wisata Senior High School held Stovia - Strive to Indonesia to commemorate Youth Pledge Day and also Language Arts Month which was held online. 

National Hero's Day Hari Pahlawan

In this activity students and teachers collaborated very creatively, they held an online competition which was broadcast live through the IPEKA Grand Wisata youtube channel. The types of competition being held were poetry readings in English, and also speeches that were attended by grade 10-12 IPEKA Grand Wisata students.  

In addition to the competition in this activity, students' performances in video recordings such as short films, creative dances which are a collaboration between modern dances and dances from various regions in Indonesia were also presented in the event, and also as the closing they play the video of the colossal song Bangun Pemudi Pemuda and Yamko Rambe Yamko which sung together in one frame.  


What's interesting about this activity is that the creativity of the students is truly limitless, they wear traditional clothes from various regions of Indonesia, dance and record regional dances collaborated with popular dances from Tiktok, to the totality to keep wearing regional costumes and also other complementary attributes even though only from home. 

Watch here to see their excitement!


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