What To Do on School Holiday?

Towards the end of the year, what do students look forward to the most? Yes, long vacation. After going through a virtual semester that is so long, holidays are what they look forward to the most, where they don't have to get up early to go to school. But in the midst of a pandemic like this, traveling out of town is not possible for some people in certain cities because of government regulations that limit community activities in order to prevent the transmission of the Covid-19 virus. So what can we do together with our children during the holidays to fill their spare time?

  1. Making crafts
    To fill your child's free time, try to invite them to make crafts together. We can start by arranging the ice sticks into a house or building. This activity can also teach children colors and shapes at the same time.
    Making crafts also does not require expensive equipment and we can invite children to make handicrafts from used goods at home. For example, using plastic bottles, tissue boxes, paper plates/cups, or cardboard that is no longer used. Direct them to make something useful from these scrap materials. Not only is it a fun activity, but making crafts from used goods also teaches children the importance of protecting the environment.
  2. Cooking
    Cooking is an activity that can be done by anyone, including children. If parents cook or bake, include the children as well. Children can learn more from cooking. Activities undertaken during cooking, such as mixing and chopping ingredients and crushing dough, can improve fine motor performance and strength control in children.
    Cooking can also increase self-confidence and improve sensory function. Apart from adding new skills, children can exercise their creativity by mixing food and decorating baked cakes.
  3. Watch movies
    Children love to watch movies. Parents can spend time watching movies with their children. Choose films for children that have educational value or films that they like so that children can also learn new things. Insert good suggestions to expand children's knowledge.
  4. Camping in the yard
    Being at home does not mean limiting yourself and your child to doing fun activities during the holidays. For example, we can invite children to camp at home or indoors. Camping with family can be a fun school holiday activity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Prepare a tent and a place to sleep in the tent so that the child feels like participating in actual camping activities. Don't forget to also provide food and drinks. Camping trains children to work together, learn about the environment, face problems, and solve them. It may seem easy, but for them, this activity can be a very memorable and valuable experience.
  5. Sports together
    Having a healthy body is also important during this pandemic. We can invite children to exercise during the school holidays during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Sport makes the body healthy and strengthens the immune system. Children can play sports such as jumping rope, hula hoop, badminton, and chess in the yard. This activity is very beneficial for children who want to have a healthy body and avoid disease.

There are many more activities that can be done together with children during the holidays at home. Whatever activities are carried out there must be new learning that children learn. Make the most of this holiday time to gather and spend time with family.

Happy Holidays!

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