Commemoration of National Children’s Day, “Anak Terlindungi, Indonesia Maju”

Commemoration of National Childrens Day

Commemoration of National Children's Day (HAN) is held every year on 23 July. Unlike the commemorations in previous years, this year's National Children's Day this year faces various challenges due to the Covid-19 Pandemic which has an impact on all levels of society and also children. Many children are very affected, they lose rights and experience various problems such as their parents being positive for COVID-19, lack of opportunities to play, lack of learning opportunities, or a learning environment that is not conducive, increasing cases of violence during the pandemic as a result of the implementation of social distancing policies. as well as study and work at home.

Based on the challenges faced, the Ministry of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection of the Republic of Indonesia released the theme for the 2021 National Children's Day (HAN) namely “Anak Terlindungi, Indonesia Maju” with the tagline #AnakPedulidiMasaPandemi. 

This theme aims to motivate that the pandemic will not dampen the commitment to keep implementing National Children's Day even though it is done virtually, without reducing its meaning. It is hoped that this year's commemoration of National Children's Day can reach more children from 34 provinces in Indonesia, including Children in Need of Special Protection (AMPK).

The implementation of National Children's Day is an important momentum to arouse the concern and participation of the Indonesian people in ensuring the fulfillment of children's rights to the rights to live, grow, and develop. And for 2021, the general purpose of commemorating National Children's Day is a form of respect, protection, and fulfillment of children's rights as the nation's next generation.

Happy National Children's Day.

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