How to Motivate Children to Exercise More

As parents, it’s important that we instill healthy habits in our children from an early age. Think back to your own early days as a child. Children have a natural tendency to have more energy, and therefore be more active. It’s important that we direct their energy into something positive, such as sports or exercise.

Something to keep in mind when trying to motivate children is that they prefer activities that they enjoy. Keep in mind the things that they enjoy, and how they respond to certain sports or activities. Their motivation also differs from that of adults. Children are more easily motivated by competition, goals and peers. In any case, as parents we should be constantly looking for creative ways to encourage our children to exercise. Check out the following tips to help motivate your children.

a boy playing cricket on a bright sunny day

Walk your pets

Animals are a great way to encourage your children to exercise. This works especially well if you have a cat or dog that you can take outside and exercise together with. Find a park or a trail for a scenic stroll with your child. Your kids will enjoy it, and the pet also gets to enjoy exercising outside - it’s a win-win situation for everyone!

Find the right time

If you haven’t already, observe your child’s activity and energy level on a typical day. Try to time exercises when their energy levels are still high to ensure they don’t feel burdened or fatigued. For example, you can try to time the exercise right after school when they’ve been sitting in class all day and could use an activity to spend that pent-up energy. You can also opt to invite them for an exercise just before dinner so that they can immediately refuel and then rest for the next day.

Invite their friends

Just like adults, exercising becomes much easier and sustainable when we have friends to keep us motivated and accountable. Get to know your children’s friends, and invite them over to motivate your children to exercise. Not only will your child stay active, they’ll get to socialize outside as well.

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