IPEKA Christian School Holds ‘INSPIRE’ IPEKA Virtual Education Expo 2021

IPEKA Christian School held a virtual education exhibition titled 'INSPIRE' IPEKA Virtual Education Expo 2021 which took place from 11 to 13 November 2021. In this virtual exhibition, 14 locations of IPEKA Christian Schools were located in Jakarta, Tangerang, Bekasi, Palembang, Balikpapan, Makassar, and Arrowstar Kindergarten by IPEKA will be present in a virtual booth, making it easier for visitors to obtain information from all locations of IPEKA Christian Schools in one platform.

With the concept of a one-stop event, INSPIRE combines educational exhibitions with other interesting activities such as Webinars, Students Competition, Students Performances, and other activities that can be accessed for free through the https://ipekainspire.id/ page. In line with the INSPIRE tagline which reads 'Your B.E.S.T Education Starts Here', it is hoped that all IPEKA Christian School locations and education service partners involved in this virtual exhibition can introduce and promote their superior programs, advantages, and facilities.

Virtual exhibitions are indeed an effective promotional tool during the pandemic, especially in the midst of the limited implementation of activities in public spaces. For IPEKA itself, 'INSPIRE' IPEKA Virtual Education Expo 2021 is the first virtual exhibition to be held after previously being routinely held offline.

Chief Executive Officer of IPEKA, Pdt. Handojo revealed that this virtual exhibition is a solution for parents to get accurate information about the world of education, especially regarding IPEKA Christian School.

This virtual exhibition can be visited by the general public, especially for prospective students and parents who are looking for information about education and schools from kindergarten to high school. Especially through this virtual exhibition, visitors who register as prospective students at IPEKA Christian School will get discounts for donations and registration forms of up to a total of hundreds of millions of rupiah.

Mechanism of Visiting and Series of Events 'INSPIRE' IPEKA Virtual Education Expo 2021

To visit 'INSPIRE' IPEKA Virtual Education Expo 2021, visitors can simply access the https://ipekainspire.id/ site via a desktop browser (PC/Laptop) or smartphone. Visitors can register on the link by filling in their personal data and will receive a confirmation email that can be used to log in to the INSPIRE platform on 11-13 November 2021.

There are a total of 24 exhibitors at the 'INSPIRE' IPEKA Virtual Education Expo 2021 which are divided into two categories, namely School Expo and Education Expo. At the School Expo, there were 13 virtual booths covering all locations of IPEKA Christian School, Arrowstar Kindergarten, IPEKA Counseling Center, and IPEKA Career Department.

Then there were 11 virtual booths at the Education Expo which included King Sejong Institute Tangerang, Coding Bee Academy, Helovesus Training Center, KodeKiddo, Gramedia Academy, Gloriamus, Sanggar Stelina, and others. Through the virtual booth, visitors can interact with exhibitors such as chatting and video conferencing.

In addition to the virtual exhibition, a series of events at the 'INSPIRE' IPEKA Virtual Education Expo 2021 include the Students Competition and Students Performance in collaboration with IPEKA Games Dauntless from IPEKA TOMANG Christian School which will be held on November 12, 2021. As well as various talk shows and webinars which take place on 11 and November 13, 2021.

The variety of talk shows and webinars that were presented contained inspirational and informative sources, including the talk show 'Raising Godly Children' filled by the Dean of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) Petra Christian University, Dr. Magdalena Pranata Santoso, S.Th., M.Sc.,. Meanwhile, the webinar entitled 'Digital Literacy for Parents: The Importance of Technology in Education' was filled by the Marketing Manager of Google for Education Indonesia & Malaysia, Pundarika Lestari, S. Sos, MEI.

The 'INSPIRE' IPEKA Virtual Education Expo 2021 also provides other benefits to visitors. In addition to the ease of accessing the information on virtual exhibitions and various other virtual activities, visitors also have the opportunity to get a total door prize of up to Rp 15 million.




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