IPEKA CPI Christian School Makassar Officially Opened for Grand Opening

IPEKA Center Point of Indonesia (CPI) Christian School Makassar was officially opened after starting its inaugural classes for the 2023/2024 academic year on Monday, July 17, 2023. The international standard school began construction in April 2022 at CitraLand City Losari Makassar.

The Grand Opening of IPEKA CPI was held on Saturday, September 2, 2023, at the IPEKA CPI Makassar School Building. The event was attended by the Chairman of IPEKA Foundation, Erwin Tenggono, CEO of IPEKA, Rev. Handojo, Director of IPEKA International School, Susanti, leaders from IPEKA Christian School, representatives from the Board of IPEKA Foundation, Synod of Christ Jesus Church (GKY), and representatives from GKY Makassar.

The inauguration was marked by a ribbon-cutting procession conducted by the Founder of IPEKA Christian School, Rev. William Hosanna, Chairman of the GKY Synod, Rev. Yohanes Adrie Hartopo, Chairman of IPEKA Foundation, Erwin Tenggono, CEO of IPEKA Christian School, Rev. Handojo, General Secretary of GKY Synod, Rev. Gunawan Tanu, Chairman of GKY Makassar Assembly, Jemmy Gautama, and Pastor of GKY Makassar, Rev. Budhiono Lie.

The Grand Opening of IPEKA CPI was also attended by the Chairman of Makassar Regional House of Representatives, Rudianto Lallo, the Head of Makassar City Education Office, Muhyiddin Mustakim, and the Head of Basic Education Institutional and Partnership Section of Basic Education Development Division of Makassar City Education Office, Kurniati.

IPEKA CPI currently serves Nursery and Kindergarten (Early Childhood), Junior High School (Grade 7), and Senior High School (Grade 10). In the 2024/2025 academic year, IPEKA CPI will also serve Elementary students from Grades 1-4. On Saturday, September 9, 2023, IPEKA CPI will hold an Open House that can be attended by the people of Makassar City who want to get more information about the education program at IPEKA CPI.

IPEKA CPI Christian School is committed to providing quality Christian education in Makassar to prepare future Christian leaders. As an international standard Christian school that utilizes technology in learning, IPEKA CPI Christian School also equips and prepares teachers for one year with training that can complement their abilities in implementing learning at IPEKA CPI.

Learning Program at IPEKA CPI

As an international standard school, IPEKA CPI Christian School uses the curriculum developed by IPEKA, the IPEKA Christian Education (ICE) Curriculum. This curriculum integrates faith and science, i.e., a Biblical worldview, with the Pearson Edexcel and Independent Curriculum.

"IPEKA students are expected to not only excel and excel academically, but also have faith in Jesus Christ, have good character, can work well together, and have critical thinking so that IPEKA graduates become strong individuals in the future," said IPEKA International School Director, Susanti.

In addition, the curriculum at IPEKA CPI Christian School is enriched with five pillars of excellence guided by international learning standards. These pillars of excellence are called iLEAD, which focus on Internal Growth, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Language Acquisition, and Digital Literacy.

IPEKA CPI utilizes various forms of technology in learning, such as Google for Education and Chromebooks. Learning resources such as books and other reference materials are provided in digital form and can be accessed via the Internet.

IPEKA CPI also implements a foreign language acquisition program that enables students to master English and Mandarin in accordance with international standards. Equipping students with these two foreign languages will make students more than ready to communicate well in a global environment.

IPEKA CPI is supported by various building facilities that support students' learning and self-development activities. These facilities include the Grand Chapel, STEM Laboratory, Sciences Laboratory (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Digitech Laboratory, and Health Center. Sports facilities such as Basketball and Volleyball Courts are also available for student activities. In addition, art activities are also supported by the Creative Art Workshop, Blackbox Theater, Music Studio, Ballet Studio, and Culinary Studio.


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