IPEKA Games 2023: Building Friendship and the Spirit of Collaboration

From October 24 to November 3, 2023, IPEKA Tomang held the "IPEKA Games", a competition that not only pursues victory, but also emphasizes the spirit of brotherhood and cooperation among participants. 

With the theme "INCENDIO: Ignite the Spirits", IPEKA Games 2023 embraces a fighting spirit that goes beyond mere victory on the podium. The theme reflects one's determination to not only reach the pinnacle of achievement, but also foster solidarity and togetherness every step of the way. The organizing committee hopes that this year's IPEKA Games will be living proof that friendships can grow even in the excitement of competition.

The competition is not just about showing off individual talents, but also about creating strong bonds among fellow participants. IPEKA Games 2023 is an event that builds positive relationships among the younger generation, showing that while competing, we can also unite and learn from each other.

Involving more than two thousand participants from 134 schools, the IPEKA Games provided a platform for young talent to shine. In an atmosphere of togetherness, participants vied for the title while appreciating each participant's journey, building unforgettable memories, and forging a network of friendships that crossed school boundaries.

The highlights of the event were not only limited to the competition on the field, but also on the closing stage which was full of surprises. Barry Likumahuwa & The Rhythm Service, the talented guest stars, entertained all the audience with their spectacular performance. Not only that, the closing ceremony was also enlivened by mesmerizing regional dances from SMAK IPEKA Balikpapan students, and energetic band performances from junior and senior high school students.

IPEKA Games is not just a competition event, but a stage for the young generation to gather, unite, and grow together. The spirit of "INCENDIO: Ignite the Spirits" not only blazes on the champion's podium, but also burns in the hearts of each participant, becoming a fire that heats the spirit of friendship and collaboration among Indonesia's young generation.

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