IPEKA Junior and Senior High School Retreat: Growing Character and Reconnecting Relationships

Recently, IPEKA Christian School organized a retreat for junior and senior high school students as part of their character and spiritual development. Grade 7 students participated in a retreat themed 'GROWING', while Grade 10 students explored the theme 'Reconnecting'. Both retreats are not only a place for spiritual learning, but also a means to strengthen relationships with God, self, and others.

Grade 7 Retreat: 'GROWING'

With the spirit of 'GROWING' taking center stage, the Grade 7 students were given in-depth learning on how to grow in spiritual relationships. In addition to the warm delivery of materials, group discussion sessions provided space for students to share their thoughts and experiences.

Game sessions and collective worship were precious moments that completed the retreat. Hopefully, the experiences gained from this retreat can shape the students' characters, bring them closer to God, and inspire their personal growth and social relationships.

Grade 10 Retreat: 'Reconnecting'

Meanwhile, Grade 10 students entered the 'Reconnecting' phase, a journey that invites them to reflect on and strengthen relationships with themselves, others, and God. In an intimate setting, they engaged in a variety of sessions, from in-depth material presentations to constructive group discussions, to games that strengthened the bonds between them.

These two retreats show IPEKA's commitment in shaping its students not only academically, but also spiritually and socially. Each retreat session was an opportunity for students to self-reflect, recognize spiritual values, and deepen their understanding of their relationship with others.

Hopefully, the outcome of this retreat will have a positive impact on the spiritual and personal lives of the students. Great hope lies in the formation of a solid character and a strong relationship with God and others.

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