SKIPIJAM Is Back with Themed “Starring Us”

For more than ten years, SKIPIJAM has been held yearly with different and unique themes and concepts. SKIPIJAM is the most awaited event by students every year. The SKIPIJAM committee always prepares a series of new and creative events and this year is the first onsite event after the pandemic. IPEKA Puri Senior High School is holding the annual onsite SKIPIJAM event on May 12, 2023. During the pandemic era, this event was not held due to conditions. Last year, SKIPIJAM was held online for the first time, but this year, SKIPIJAM is finally back onsite after the pandemic has gotten better.

SKIPIJAM is an annual activity managed by IPEKA Puri Senior High students. For more than 10 years, SKIPIJAM has become an event for students to develop their talents and creativity. ​In its 14th year, SKIPIJAM is here with the theme "STARRING US" inspired by players in Hollywood films. This theme wants to show that every student is the main star, where they will show their abilities, work together to make this event a success, every contribution will be appreciated and appreciated, and shine with their own colors. In addition, the values to be instilled through SKIPIJAM "Starring Us", include Creative, Teamwork, Leadership, Confidence, Social Responsibility, Relying on God in all things, Responsibility, and Initiative.

The four events organized by SKIPIPJAM include psychological activities, social movements, bazaars, and workshops, and are closed with the main event (carnival night). On the carnival night, SKIPIJAM presents school band performances, music performances, and a flash mob performed by IPEKA PURI Senior High students. Apart from that, SKIPIJAM also presents musicians who are already familiar to the community, namely The Overtunes and Richard Ignatius who are also alumni of IPEKA Puri.

The Head Committee of SKIPIJAM 14, Laura Gabriela Atmadja said, "Glad to finally have SKIPIJAM again after 2 years of the pandemic and I'm also curious about the results of the hard work, cooperation from friends so that this event can be successful. Here I also learned how to lead friends and understand other people's perspectives when preparing for the event. Hopefully SKIPIJAM in the coming years can be even more lively and we can be even more compact."

“For SKIPIJAM, we hope that it will always be more festive and can boost the creativity of IPEKA students, because we are always happy with the concepts that IPEKA students bring us every time we come here, twice in a row. Hopefully, this can be something memorable for the students who helped in this event,” said Reuben Nathaniel, one of The Overtune’s personnel.

Through SKIPIJAM "Starring Us", IPEKA Puri hopes that this event can explore and bring out the talents of students who have been hidden because of being hindered by the pandemic, and become memorable moments for all parties involved.

Let's see how exciting the experience of the committee and participants who took part in SKIPIJAM!🎪

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