Water as A Source of Life

"Anyone who drinks the water I give will never thirst--not ever. The water I give will be an artesian spring within, gushing fountains of endless life."
John 4:14, MSG


IPEKA Palembang Elementary students went for a field trip to Tirta Musi Municipal Water Works (PDAM) in Palembang on last October 22, 2013 where they could learn about drinking water treatment system and process there.

These Year 5 students of IPEKA Palembang accompanied with their teacher witnessed firsthand the process of turning river water into clean water where it must pass some strict processes. Thanks to the presentations by PDAM Tirta Musi, students could know more about water treatment processes as well as the materials used in turning the water from Musi River's, which flows through Palembang city to become a source of raw water (intake) as a water supply for the people there and as clean water to be distributed.


Students enthusiastically followed all the activities held within their field trip which has a theme of Water as A Source of Life, and where from this study field students became more grateful, too, that they are blessed with clean water in their houses.

Yet, still even up to this day there are perhaps a lot of clean water issues in cities as well as villages, in spite of the fact that clean water is very essential for mankind to meet the standard of a healthy living.

May through this program, students would appreciate clean water more, and that how they need it much for this life.

Water as A Source of Life

"A person can live forty days without food, four days without water, four minutes without air, but only four seconds without hope."
John Calvin Maxwell

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