Tips to Facilitate Workgroups for Children at School

Social skills are an important aspect of academic success in children. In fact, being able to cooperate and work in a team is an inherent aspect of the learning process at school. This extends as they grow up into adolescence and adulthood where teamwork is vital to assimilate with society and the workplace. Therefore, workgroups in children at school become an essential skill to learn. 

Follow these tips to facilitate your children with their workgroup discussions at school.

Teens working in a team

Teach social cues to your children

Children learn social skills from interacting with their immediate environment. Whether that’s books, television, family, and other elements that they engage with. Seeing as the family forms children’s first social environment, it is imperative that as guardians, we teach social cues and how to interpret them to our children. This helps them apply those skills when they eventually work in groups at school.


Motivate children to make friends

Some children are better at this than others, but it is important regardless to encourage them to make friends. Think of how you made friends back in school. What are some of the things you did to make friends? Try placing yourself in their shoes, and think of ways to make it easy for them to make friends. Tell them that making friends means that they’ll have more playtime outside of school. You can further reinforce this by having them invite friends over to the house where they’ll have more freedom to play together. 


Communicate with the teacher

While the classroom is within the jurisdiction of the teacher, no one knows your child better than you do. Take some time to talk with the teacher about your child, what his or her challenges are, maybe a little bit about their personality also. This can go a long way of helping your child assimilate better in the class, and working in groups with other students in the long run. Not to mention you’re also helping out the teacher by giving them tips on how to help your child as well. 



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