How to Encourage Your Child to Learn During the Holiday

Just because the holidays are here, doesn’t mean the learning should be put on pause as well! The holidays are a great opportunity to expand your child’s learning into different things that are not normally taught in classrooms. Don’t let the learning momentum slow down by taking their learning outside of the classrooms.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can facilitate your child’s learning during the holidays.


Two children learning with their mother

Develop a reading routine

Reading is perhaps one of the most fundamental habits to establish for all kids. Therefore, it should be developed into a routine outside of school.

Make it a fun process for the kids by taking them to the bookstore or library to pick out a book that they like. Then set aside a time and space to read together with them.


Museum visits

For a nice change of pace, take the learning outside the home and visit a museum! Museums are an excellent place to learn about history, language, culture and arts. You’ll also get the opportunity to watch curiosity and interests expand as they explore the different aspects of the museum.

Additionally, museums provide a more tactile and dynamic learning experience for children. They’ll be able to learn things in new ways and stimulate their brain to think and see in ways that are now possible from textbooks.

This unique exposure facilitates learning into their own hands, and gradually develops their own sense of creativity and critical thinking. Not to mention the interactive exhibitions, educational displays, and art installations that museums offer. Encourage them to ask questions and discussions whenever they’re interested in something, as this will further boost their learning experience.


Talk about current events

There has been researched in child development that shows evidence of dialogue being an impactful learning opportunity in children. Just the mere act of talking and conversing with your child can improve their understanding and use of language.

You can start by asking them about the current events in their school, their studies or their friends. Think about how they see the world and challenge them to think critically by asking their opinions about the topics we mentioned above. Once you’ve got them talking regularly, gradually expand the topic and discuss current events in the real world. Who knows, you might learn something new about your child, and gain some insight into how he or she sees the world.



Here at IPEKA Christian School, we believe in an education that empowers the youth with academic knowledge that is centered around Christian values. Our curriculum integrates character building and teaches children the responsibility to become leaders in their community.

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