IICS made another proud achievement at The World Scholar’s Cup 2022

Every year, the WSC committee invites qualifying teams from all of our regional rounds to their choice of up to six Global Rounds, distributed worldwide to make them more accessible to scholars in more places. Some are extra large, some not quite small; all have in great common diversity, unabashed awkwardness, and the enduring sense of community at the heart of our program. At each global round, every team has the opportunity to earn an invitation to the annual Tournament of Champions at Yale University, returning in 2022 after a two-year hiatus.

This year, the IPEKA INTEGRATED Christian School Middle School WSC Team won a proud achievement at The World Scholar's Cup, Global Round, Bangkok, 2022.

The WSC SMP IICS Team won a total of 15 Group Cups, 6 Individual Trophies, 80 Gold Medals, and 21 Silver Medals. This team consists of:

  1. Audrey Effendi
  2. Ava Mikayla E. Kasih
  3. Benjamin Johnson Juadi  
  4. Caitlin Valencia Yong   
  5. Chloe Herliv Chen
  6. Felice Christabel Jenry 
  7. Gerald Ray Anggono  
  8. Givanka Celine Anggono 
  9. Gwyneth Abigail Tanuwidjaja  
  10. Matthew Lee Ali 
  11. Sean Levi Danuseputra

Thanks to the success of the Global Round, the IICS Junior WSC Team will compete in the 2022 Tournament of Champions at Yale University, USA in November.

Praise God and congratulations to the IPEKA INTEGRATED Christian School WSC Team!

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