IPEKA Tomang Holds Musical Performance: Please Dong Deh!

IPEKA Tomang organizes a Musical Performance: “Please Dong Deh!” held at Teater Besar, Taman Ismail Marzuki. Drama script “Please Dong Deh!” is the work of Cleo Jory Cuaca directed by Mr. Dio Titaheluw and supported by Mrs. Dian Wirati as the music arranger.

Theatrical performance packaged in the form of a musical drama by the IPTO Stage Community entitled "Please Dong Deh!" is a form of the enthusiasm of members of the IPTO Stage Community to raise the issue of women's emancipation with a background in the Betawi community in the 90s era. The story begins with the story of a teenage girl, Arini, who dreams of becoming a soldier. Hearing these ideals, Rojali, his father was shocked and refused. However, Juleha, the mother, made Rojali aware through memories of the story of Juleha's youth which was full of struggles to go to college and achieve her goals. These memories made him realize that Arini's ideals must be supported.

The story of women's emancipation was once a concern for women, especially women who are trapped by the stigma that "a woman must be in the kitchen". Departing from this anxiety, this show is presented to entertain the audience, as well as for the emancipation of women in this millennial era, in a modern theatrical style, in the form of a musical drama performance.

This theatrical performance which is packaged in the form of a musical drama is supported by IPEKA Tomang students, a collaboration between kindergarten and high school students, as well as teachers from IPEKA Tomang. This stage combines acting, singing, choreography, and unique and interesting musical arrangements with elements of Betawi nuances to make the drama stage entertain the audience.

Let's take a look at the conversation with the cast of "Please Dong Deh!"

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