Professional Development Day

Student success depends on many factors, and having a qualified teacher is one of the most important factors for student success. If teachers do not have the tools necessary to teach students effectively, students cannot reach their full potential. To teach effectively, teachers need continuous professional development. 

In this regard, IPEKA Christian School held a Professional Development Day for all teachers and employees which was held virtually on January 13-14, 2022. The Professional Development Day equips teachers and employees with insights and seminars that can improve competence. 

The first day of Professional Development Day was held for all teachers and employees of IPEKA Christian School. Beginning with a joint session hosted by Mr. Dr. Tongam L. Tobing, S.H., LL.M. as Chair of the OJK Investment Alert Task Force regarding the right and safe types of investments during and after the pandemic, as well as the need to make good personal budgeting/planning and apply them with discipline. In this session, Mr. Tongam also advised that each of us be careful and be critical in making investments, not to be trapped in cases of online loans that can lead to losses. The next session is an optional session that can be attended by teachers and employees according to their respective interests/needs. There are 3 sessions to choose from, which are:

  • Build Harmony Across Generations brought by Dr. Pramudianto, S.Th., SE, M.Min., MM (Professional Coach, CVO & Founder Human Idea, Human Capital Practitioner, Lecturer, Author) who discussed how to build effective communication and collaboration between generations, and manage conflicts between generations effectively.
  • Pension Gaul was presented by Ir. Inge Halim (Managing Director and Country Head Indonesia at Synpluse Management Consulting & Former President Director of IBM Indonesia) who discussed preparation for physical and mental health (well being) to enter retirement age and how to manage pension funds appropriately and wisely.
  • Mental Check-Up delivered by Pdt. Dr. Julianto Simanjuntak (Founder of LK3, Writer, Specialist Speaker of Counseling & Parenting, Family Therapist) discussed the importance of mental health and how to maintain mental health, and manage stress during and after the pandemic.

The second day of Professional Development Day began with the Teachers' Plenary Session hosted by Mr. Erwin Tenggono. In addition to the Teachers' Plenary Session, teachers are also provided with the material through classes with selected topics that can be followed.  There were 27 topics from 29 speakers who were present that could be followed by teachers. These topics include: Transformed Digital Citizens, Graphic Organizers for Kindergarten and Primary Students, Students Demotivation in Online Learning: Early Detection, Broadening Students Career Paths, Podcasting in Education, Math Gamification: Fun and Fruitful, and other topics.

The selected topics can be followed through Google Classroom independently (self-paced learning) by following each existing instruction and filling in the reflection at the end of the selected topic which is part of the learning and training attended by the teacher.

The enthusiasm of teachers and employees in participating in Professional Development Day is expected to be channeled to students through the learning process. At the end of a day of professional development, teachers have many insights and ideas that can help them become more effective educators. In line with the core values ​​of IPEKA Christian School Lifelong Learners, IPEKA Christian School teachers are also empowered to continue learning, improving skills, and developing.


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