Recognize Gadget Addiction in Children and How to Overcome It

In an era that is increasingly digital, all of our information or activities depend on gadgets. We can easily find all the needs we are looking for on the internet using gadgets. Recently, the phenomenon of gadget addiction in children is rife. This addiction often makes children lazy to study, it also has an impact on physical and mental health.

Parents need to know the importance of overcoming gadget addiction in children so that it does not have a bad impact in the future, here are some things that can be done to overcome gadget addiction in children:


  • Set screen time
    Schedule the right time to play with gadgets. In addition, parents must also prepare alternative activities so that children do not get bored and switch to gadgets again.
  • Take children to play with friends
    One of the reasons why children play with gadgets is because there are no fun activities to play with friends. So, parents need to invite their children to play with their peers, by inviting friends to play at home or inviting them to visit a friend's house at school. With many friends, children will have new activities and can forget about gadgets.
  • Helping children develop their talents and interests
    Every child has their own talents and interests that make them special. Parents can try to consult with the teacher about the talents of the child by discussing them. Once children have discovered their talents and interests, they will be busier and happier developing their talents and interests than playing with gadgets all day long.
  • Get involved in children's lives
    Parents can spend more time with their children. Lonely kids are more likely to look for some kind of companionship through gadgets. For many parents, it is easier to turn on gadgets than to be involved in their children's lives. Good parents should be observers, listeners, and teachers to their children.
  • Doing fun activities
    Parents can invite their children to do fun activities, such as playing football or chess, drawing, coloring, reading books, playing the piano, and so on. Therefore, parents must provide the necessary resources, such as books to read, board games, art supplies, and sports equipment, so that children can do many things.



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