INFLAMÄ 2022: EMBRASKARA – Carving the Future With Dare To Work

The future that awaits is full of challenges. But challenges can be faced with the courage to produce works. This is the spirit carried by SMAK IPEKA Sunter in holding their annual event, INFLAMÄ 2022.

The theme of INFLAMÄ  “In Forever Lasting Man” 2022 is EMBRASKARA which means a unit that is brave and able to face challenges. This theme is expected to ignite the spirit of all of us to dare to face challenges by working and being creative.

INFLAMÄ 2022 will be held on 21-25 February 2022 with various series of events and competitions that can be participated by junior and senior high school students from schools located throughout Indonesia. The competitions held include Podcasts, Digital Posters, English Speech, Chinese Storytelling, Biology Case Studies, Economic Case Studies, and Start-Up.

To start the activity, IPEKA SUNTER Senior High School opened INFLAMÄ with an Opening event as a form of the inauguration which was held on Monday, February 21, 2022. The opening event was attended by 500 visitors virtually through ZOOM starting from Ms. Esther Iriana as Director of School Operations, Location Coordinator and Principal from various IPEKA locations, IPEKA Christian School students, and contestants.

The opening of INFLAMÄ was opened with the appearance of students who performed various Indonesian folk songs with various musical arrangements, then continued with remarks from the Director of Operations for the IPEKA Christian School, the Principal of IPEKA Sunter Senior High School, and also Valencia Kelly Felia as the Chair of the INFLAMÄ Event Committee. “I am grateful that the event can be carried out, even though online does not dampen IPEKA SUNTER's steps in organizing INFLAMÄ. In fact, this can be an opportunity for all students in Indonesia to be able to take part in these competitions and events online, congratulations on your achievements,” said Ms. Tri Agustina Wulandari, S.Pd. as the Principal of IPEKA SUNTER Senior High School. At the culmination of the inauguration of INFLAMÄ, Ms. Tri as the representative cut the ribbon and confetti as a sign that the INFLAMÄ event had officially started.

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