IPEKA Christian School Holds Gen-Z Webinar Themed “How Can I Believe In A God I Can’t See?”

Building character and fostering students' faith and spirituality, IPEKA Christian School held a Gen-Z Webinar for all junior high and high school students online on 17-18 February 2022. In the Webinar themed “How Can I Believe In A God I Can't See?” all students are invited to grow in faith and understand that God exists even though he is invisible.

Webinar How Can I Believe In A God I Can't See? invite GI. Fernandes from Gereja Kristus Yesus Singapore as speaker. He explained that since the 2010s in Indonesia, there has been an association called Indonesian Atheist, they are a group of people who claim to not believe in the existence of God. And the number of subscribers or followers they have on social media reaches up to 1500 people. Their famous slogan is ABAM, “You Ask Atheists Answer.” According to this community, God is only an engineered creation. Our beliefs are not facts if they can't be proven by anyone.

GI. Fernandes invites the students and all of us how to respond to the understanding of Indonesian Atheists who do not believe in the existence of God. He explained 3 things, namely:

  1. Criticizing the assumption that something has to be seen to be believed
    This is usually believed by Empiricism or a school in philosophy that states that all knowledge comes from the experience of the human senses. Don't believe until you see with your own eyes or hear with your own ears. “I can't believe in a God I can't see” is also an example of an error category. God is an invisible spirit, of course. Same as categorical error: how much does your mind weigh? Or what is the color of the C note in music?
  2. Believing in an invisible God makes sense because God's existence is the best explanation of the phenomena of the universe
    The existence of God is the best explanation for the apparent design in the universe. Every design has a designer, the universe has a design, therefore the universe has a designer namely our God to reveal His purpose and love in this world.
  3. Believing in an invisible God makes sense because He has revealed Himself visible in Jesus Christ
    Watch the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTXPTYkEpwo 

Conclusion on this webinar, GI. Fernandes stated “Is an invisible God worthy of our trust? Yes, everything that has happened to us from the creator to this day is clear evidence that God exists.” He encourages students who have faith doubts, to seek answers through the closest people such as parents, Servants of God, teachers, or whoever is closest to them.

He also reminded us that doubt is a good antibody for our faith to grow. We hope that through this webinar the students and all of us will know more about Jesus our Savior and in doubt, we will keep trying to find the answer.

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