Tips for Parents: The Back-to-School Week

For some children, going back to school after a long semester break can be quite startling. The normally relaxing pace where they can wake up later than usual with a more lenient schedule plunges to a routine of rushed mornings. In addition, they will face new environments and challenges in the upcoming school year. Parents can feel the pressure too, and that is why we wrote this much needed back-to-school tips for parents.

Preparation and having the attitude are the ingredients for a smooth transition back to school. We recommend taking the last 3 days of the semester break to prepare the morning routine, as well as to practice a more positive mindset that focuses on your child’s holistic educational experience.

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1. Preparing 3 days to 1 week ahead of time

The preparation time is meant to help you to adjust to a new routine. The routine change can be challenging especially if you need to consider the commute time to school. To avoid traffic, you may even need to arrive much earlier than many other students.

In which case, you would need to plan out everything in advance – what to prepare for breakfast and lunch, what time your child should wake up and shower, and even which route to take to go to school. All of these may seem like overplanning, but a little preparation will go a long way. 

2. Have a positive outlook on the school year ahead

Another back to school tip for parents is to think positively about the upcoming school year. Whether conscious or not, you may have thoughts about the difficulties you’ll face as your child experiences a new curriculum, new teachers, new social dynamics, and new expectations.

If this happens to you, know that new experiences are essential for your child. Mistakes and failure, which are inevitable parts of learning, should be seen as opportunities for your child’s development on their journey to become healthy and productive adults.

3. Remember to focus on relationships, not only grades

Success is ultimately determined by your child’s emotional intelligence and discipline, which are reflected in the way they build and maintain relationships. Grades are important too, in that they quantify academic performance to help them to apply to future colleges.

For some children, a conversation about grades can be irritating, and conversations about relationships awkward. This is especially true if you are too focused on academic aspects. In this new school year, we encourage you to make small steps to get to know your child’s personal relationships.

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